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Dhudiya Brand Guidelines

Corporate Identity Guidelines

These guidelines were developed to assist Dhudiya Ent. employees, business partners and vendors to properly use the communicative name, divisional taglines and boilerplate of Dhudiya Entertainment.

Please review the following sections of the site for all applicable uses of the Dhudiya Ent. corporate identity.


Lockup Usage

The Dhudiya Ent. lockup is used to improve awareness and recognition of our brand in marketing and advertising. The lockup must always appear in a fixed relationship which may not be altered, adjusted, or modified in any way.

The lockup should be used in communication materials created for both business and consumer audiences. There are one versions of this lockup:  horizontal (2-line). These versions should accommodate most layout and sizing constraints. Please select the lockup that works best for the dimensions and design of your communication.


logo concept

Technical Specifications