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Dhudiya Entertainment is Gujarat’s leading Entertainment Company that does strategy integration, utilizes innovation and technology to provide unique experiences to clients round the globe

Dhudiya Entertainment (also referred to as Dhudiya) is a brainchild of Deep Dhudiya founded in 2015 that has become a phenomenon in the event industry. We have indefatigably worked towards making Dhudiya Entertainment, Gujarat’s leading communication and Entertainment Company and continue to do the same till date. Headquartered in Ahmedabad India, with universal contacts and workplaces over the world

The studio’s activities span across creative Development, Marketing, Distribution, Licensing, Merchandising and other activities of motion picture industry worldwide.

Dhudiya Entertainment is an associate partner with first Short film “TAXII”. In 2016, Dhudiya Entertainment has launched its own music label called Dhudiya Music and published 1st Music Album (Duru Duru). Producing Upcoming Project (The Bad dad).

In a world that constantly evolving and modernizing, it is imperative for Dhudiya Entertainment to do the same, and this is where the secret to the endurance of the entertainment lies. We continuously invest in latest products and services, which keep us fresh.

Dhudiya Entertainment is in the business of fabricating experiences and our belief is that an event may be forgotten, but an experience will be long lasting. Dhudiya Entertainment, a pioneer in the events, exhibitions, activations, television, PR & digital space has been playing key role in shaping the Gujarati Entertainment industry in India and over the globe.

Apart from production we are premier film acquisition and distribution companies in the Films industry. Our library of rich and varied content is sought after in the U.K, Middle East, the U.S, Africa, and Asia etc. Not just that, our postproduction studio has been a part of some world-class film restoration and VFX projects.

Over time, advertisers and our peers have recognized Dhudiya Entertainment for our epitome of creativity, visual aesthetics and high production value. We persistently seek alpha in all the activities that we do. The culture and the people at Dhudiya Entertainment ensure that we just don’t give satisfaction service but it gets legendary feel to clients.

We’re thankful to be part of an industry that gives us the choice to explore innovative work. We enjoy the scope to evolve forms of storytelling, and we treasure the opportunity to build lasting relationships

Our mission

The mission of The Dhudiya entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Company is to be one of the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information. Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our content, services and consumer products, we seek to develop the most creative, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the world.


creative team

Deep Dhudiya

Managing Director

Kapil Rana



  1. f

    Dhudiya Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is founded.

    Dhudiya Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. (also referred to as Dhudiya) – is an film studio and Entertainment company in india, The company was founded by Deep Dhudiya in 2015.

  2. Launched

    Dhudiya Launched music label

    Dhudiya Entertainment has launched its own music label called Dhudiya Music


    Dhudiya Music published 1st Music Album ''DURU DURU''

    Duru Duru is a romantic Assamese contemporary song with traditional Bihu flavour, The video concept is about a love story of an Assamese couple, who lives a busy metro life in Mumbai but still they miss Assam in the season of Rangali Bihu.

  3. a

    Dhudiya Entertainment Released 1st Movie ''Armaan: A Story Of A Storyteller``

    The movie narrates a simple but the most indispensable message of life — KARMA —  One should always only focus on his work/karma that he is destined to do… Hard work and perseverance are the keys to Success whereas people often go off track by focusing on taking revenge…


Our Businesses

The Dhudiya entertainment Pvt Ltd. Company, together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, is a leading diversified international family entertainment and media enterprise with the following business segments: media networks, parks, experiences and consumer products, studio entertainment, direct-to-consumer and international.


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